Creating a New Subproject (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


After you open or create an OS design, you can create any of the following types of subprojects and add them to your OS design:

  • Applications
  • Dynamic-link libraries (DLLs)
  • Static libraries
  • TUX tests

  1. From the Project menu, choose Add New Subproject.

  2. In the Windows Embedded CE Subproject Wizard dialog box, from the Available templates list, select the type of subproject you want to create.

    You can customize a project after you create it in your OS design.

  3. In the Subproject name field, enter a name for your project.

  4. If you want to change the location of your project files, in the Location field, enter a new directory path, and then choose OK.

    By default, the files are located in a subdirectory of your OS design directory.

  5. Depending on the type of subproject that you chose, the wizard displays an additional set of options for your subproject that you can select from. After you have selected the type of subproject foundation that you want to create, choose Next.

  6. Choose Finish.

  7. (Optional) Set the advanced settings for your subproject. In the Solution Explorer window, expand Subprojects, right-click the name of your new subproject, and choose Properties.

  8. On the General tab, choose a release type for the Release Type entry. By default, Release Type is set to Local.

    Change this setting only if you fully understand the build system and the effects that changing the release type will have on the build process.

    For more information about release types, see RELEASETYPE.

  9. (Optional) To learn more about the files created by the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Subproject Wizard, in Solution Explorer, navigate to the node for the subproject that you have created, and then select the ReadMe.txt file.

    You can also modify the information in this file.

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