OID_WAN_GET_INFO (Compact 2013)


This OID requests the miniport driver to return information about its or the network adapter's capabilities, formatted as an NDIS_WAN_INFO structure.

Information about the miniport driver or the network adapter capabilities, formatted as an NDIS_WAN_INFO8294bc11-156e-49eb-ba03-fc22b040007f structure.

Network adapter drivers must be in the default PPP framing mode until each driver receives an NDIS_WAN_SET_LINK_INFOafa580d5-8675-4137-b0ed-4f1f691aedcb call. The network adapter driver must auto-detect any framing that it claims to support.

If a driver detects a framing scheme other than the default, that driver should automatically switch its framing into the newly detected framing.

A subsequent query with OID_WAN_GET_LINK_INFO should indicate the detected framing. If no framing is yet detected, the FramingBits member should be 0 in the returned NDIS_WAN_GET_LINK_INFO information.

If the WAN miniport driver is called subsequently with OID_WAN_SET_LINK_INFO in which the FramingBits member is 0, the driver should try to auto-detect the framing upon reception of each frame.