DirectDraw Display Drivers (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


DirectDraw provides device-independent access to device-specific display functionality. It accesses important functions in a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) to drive graphics devices directly without the intervention of the graphics device interface (GDI). This direct path results in smoother animation, and display-intensive software that both runs faster and avoids screen flicker. This mechanism offers optimal performance, limited only by display card performance.

Implementing this direct path involves extending the display driver with functions that access the hardware directly. These functions are used by DirectDraw and make up the DirectDraw hardware abstraction layer (DDHAL). For more information about the capabilities of the DDHAL, see the Microsoft DirectDraw hardware abstraction layer specification.

DirectDraw Display Driver Development Concepts

Explains basic development concepts for DirectDraw display drivers.

DirectDraw Display Driver Migration

Details changes in the latest implementation of the DirectDraw display drivers.

DirectDraw Display Driver Reference

Provides reference information for the DirectDraw display drivers.

Power Management

Describes the power management capabilities provided by Windows Embedded CE.

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