Configuring Property Settings for the Device Emulator (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Device Emulator has several important property settings. Failure to configure these settings could cause emulator issues.

This procedure assumes that you have built a Device Emulator BSP run-time image. For more information, see Creating a Device Emulator Image Using the OS Design Wizard.

  1. From the Target menu, select Connectivity Options.

    This opens the Target Device Connectivity Options Dialog Box.

  2. In the Download box, select Device Emulator (DMA).

  3. To the right of the Download box, select Settings.

    This opens the Emulator Properties dialog box.

  4. On the Emulator Properties page, select the Display tab.

    Enter the screen size and color depth you want.

    Using the wrong screen size can cause possible errors in the Device Emulator.

  5. Select the Network tab.

    • For a Device Emulator run-time image with Ethernet connectivity, check Enable CS8900 network adapter and bind to, and then the name of the actual Network Interface Card (NIC) on your workstation.

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