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NdisStallExecution (Compact 2013)


This function stalls the caller on the current processor for a given interval.

VOID NdisStallExecution(
  UINT MicrosecondsToStall


[in] Specifies the number of microseconds to delay.

NdisStallExecution is a processor-dependent function that busy-waits for at least the specified number of microseconds, but not significantly longer.

This function should be called by drivers that must wait for an interval of more than a few instructions but less than 50 microseconds. Drivers that call this routine should minimize the number of microseconds that they specify. If a driver must wait for an interval longer than 50 microseconds, it should call the NdisMSleep function. Note that callers of NdisMSleep run at IRQL < DISPATCH_LEVEL.



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