Exporting Commands from a Debugger Extension DLL (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This topic describes how to create a .def file that exports commands from the sample hello_ext debugger extension. The steps in this topic must be complete before your build your debugger extension DLL. Before you begin to create the .def file, you must complete the steps in Implementing the Functions Required for a Debugger Extension DLL.

  1. In Visual Studio 2005, in Solution Explorer, right-click hello_ext, choose Add, and then choose New Item.

  2. In the Categories window, choose Code.

  3. In the Templates window, choose Module-Definition File (.def), and in the Name box, type "hello_ext".

  4. Choose Add.

  5. In Solution Explorer, double-click hello_ext.def.

  6. To export functions from the DLL, add the following lines of code to hello_ext.def:

  7. On the File menu, choose Save hello_ext.def.

You are now ready to build the debugger extension DLL. For more information, see How to Create and Debug a Debugger Extension.

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