Call Profiler Performance Data (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


During a profiling run, the Remote Call Profiler logging engine collects data when the profiled system enters a function and when the profiled system exits a function. By default, the elapsed time for an event is measured in CPU clock cycles.

For each function, Remote Call Profiler calculates up to 48 values that show elapsed and application time for the defined counters.

Remote Call Profiler displays totals for both the time spent exclusively in the function and the time spent in subroutines of the function.

For more information about timing values, see Timing Value Analysis.

For information about the various pieces of data that Remote Call Profiler collects, see Event Timing.

Remote Call Profiler uses the QueryPerformanceCounter function from the board support package (BSP) to obtain timestamp information. If the timestamp information that the BSP provides is not adequately granular, performance timing might not be accurate, especially for an application that runs for a short period of time.

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