Target Control Service (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can use the Target Control service to transfer files to a target device, to access files on the development workstation from a target device, and to debug applications.

If SYSGEN_SHELL is included in the build process, Target Control starts by default when you download a run-time image to a target device over an Ethernet connection, a USB connection, a serial port connection, or a connection to the Emulator.

Windows Embedded CE Target Control provides the following functionality.

Functionality Description

Display the Target Control window

Opens the Target Control window for entering Target Control commands.

For more information, see Command-Line Options with Target Control.

Reset a device

Resets the target device.

Run programs

Selects an application to run on the target device.

View CE information

Opens any of the following view windows:

When you enable Target Control, Platform Builder includes the shell tool, shell.exe, in the run-time image. The release directory on the development workstation includes a Shell.exe file, FSAUXIN that serves as a command interpreter. Shell.exe periodically polls the FSAUXIN file and executes any commands in it.

The development workstation writes commands to the FSAUXIN file, and the Shell.exe process on the target device executes the commands. Messages are sent to Shell.exe on the target device by adding commands to the FSAUXIN file.

Shell.exe sends the output of commands over a KITL stream named CESH.

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