Timeline Window (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Timeline window presents a graphical view of the data in an .icp file.

In the Timeline window, you can view the properties of items and set a data range for the Remote Call Profiler View Windows.

The timeline is color coded to show the type of profiling events that occur in any given segment of a profiling run.

The list in the Timeline window displays a timeline for each item from the profiling data (.icp) file. In the list, you select the items to display in Remote Call Profiler views. When you select a parent item (for example, a file or a process), Remote Call Profiler displays in the view window the child items corresponding to that parent.

A Remote Call Profiler view window displays data depends upon the range of data displayed in the Timeline window.

When you modify your view of the data in the Timeline window, the range of data in the view window updates to correspond to the range of data displayed in the Timeline window.

By default, the selection cursor in the Timeline window moves to the time of the profiling event you select in a view window.

When you switch focus between trace view windows, the Timeline cursor moves to the time of the event selected in the current view.

Remote Call Profiler provides the ability to synchronize multiple trace windows to each other and to the cursor on the timeline. For more information, see Synchronizing a Trace View to the Timeline.

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