Adding an Object, Counter, or Instance to a Chart (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can choose the process instance of performance monitoring and choose the type of statistics the tool gathers.

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Add To Chart.

  2. In the Object box, choose a category of statistics.

    When you choose a category, the Counter and Instance lists update to display the available items on the target device for the chosen category.

  3. In the Counter list, select one or more counters.

    To select multiple counters, press the CTRL key while you select counters.

    Choose Explain to see a definition of the selected counter in the Counter Definition box.

  4. If applicable, in the Instance list, select one or more instances.

  5. Choose a line color, plot scale, line width, and line style setting, and then choose Add.

  6. Repeat the previous four steps for additional counters you want to monitor; then choose Done.

  7. To save your chart selections in a settings file, from the File menu choose Save Chart Settings As.

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