Developing a Windows Network Projector (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


With Windows Embedded CE 6.0, you can enable conference room projectors so that they can connect to Windows Vista-based PCs over a local network, eliminating the need for customized audio and video wiring.

Using this technology, you could quickly connect your Windows Vista-based PC to a conference room projector over the local wireless network.

Windows Network Projector Overview

Discusses what a Windows Network Projector is.

Building a Run-Time Image for a Windows Network Projector

Provides a step-by step guide to creating an example Windows Network Projector image.

Designing Hardware for a Windows Network Projector

Discusses considerations to investigate when designing the hardware for a network projector.

Windows Network Projector Architecture

Discusses the software components of a network projector device.

Customizing a Windows Network Projector

Discusses the steps needed to customize the sample code provided in CE 6.0 to suit your own needs.

Connecting to a Windows Network Projector

Discusses the steps needed to discover, connect, and display the PC desktop using a Windows Network Projector.

Debugging and Testing a Windows Network Projector

Discusses the tools necessary to debug and test a Windows Network Projector and conduct performance testing regularly at every stage of target device development.

Windows Network Projector Registry Settings

Discusses the registry settings that affect the components of the network projector.

Developing a Target Device

Provides links to documentation that describes how to build different types of target devices.

Hardware Compatibility and Third-party Device Drivers

Provides information about hardware compatibility, third-party device drivers, and BSP certification.

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