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Customizing a Thin Client

Customizing a Thin Client (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


After you create the thin client operating system (OS) design, you can customize its features by modifying the OS design or by changing the registry settings.

For more information about how to create the OS design, see Windows Thin Client Design Template, Adding an Item from the Catalog or Removing a Catalog Item from an OS Design.

For an overview of changing registry settings, see Changing Thin Client Registry Settings.

Configuring a Thin Client

Provides information and guidance on how to configure a thin client.

Thin Client Registry Settings

Describes how to edit registry settings and provides links to content that defines the registry parameters that are used to configure a thin client.

Thin Client Security

Helps provide security information for developing a thin client.

Thin Client Best Practices

Provides best practices for developing a thin client.

Thin Client Migration

Provides considerations for migrating a thin client OS design to a newer version of Windows Embedded CE.

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