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How to Develop a Windows Network Projector (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This topic provides a step-by-step outline for the development of Windows Embedded CE wireless network projectors and large screen displays, as well as references to topics that explain each step.

You do not need to follow the steps in the outline in the order in which they are presented. You might need to repeat some steps; for example, during the development you might customize, debug, and test many times.

  • You have a Windows Vista-based development workstation that you can connect to the network projector for testing.
  • You have installed Platform Builder for Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

Step Topic

1. Understand the general technology and the communication protocols that are used in a network projector.

Windows Network Projector Overview

2. Understand the hardware requirements for a network projector.

Designing Hardware for a Windows Network Projector

3. Understand the software requirements for a network projector.

Windows Network Projector Architecture

4. Create an OS design for a network projector, build it into a run-time image, and then download it to your target hardware.

Building a Run-Time Image for a Windows Network Projector

5. Throughout the development process, consider the security implications of your customizations and of the network projector in general.

Windows Network Projector Security

6. Connect the Windows Vista-based development workstation to the network projector.

Connecting to a Windows Network Projector

7. Understand debugging and testing steps for a network projector.

Debugging and Testing a Windows Network Projector

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