Registry Editor (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Registry Editor remote tool displays the registry for a target device and enables you to add, delete, and modify registry keys and registry entries.

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You can use Registry Editor from Windows Embedded CE, or you can use Registry Editor from the Windows Start menu.

To use Registry Editor from Windows Embedded CE, you must first connect to the target device. For more information about how to connect a remote tool to a target device, see Remote Tool Connectivity.

The registry for a target device resides in the object store on the target device. Registry Editor allows you to manage the registry on a target device from your development workstation.

The Registry Editor window displays a My Computer top-level registry heading for the desktop computer and a top-level registry heading for each target device to which the tool is connected.

The following table shows some examples of the registry subtrees for a target device that Registry Editor may display.

Registry subtree Description


Associates files with applications.


Contains information about the user logged on to a target device.


Contains information about settings for a target device.

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