Kernel Debugger (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The kernel debugger integrates functionality required to configure a connection to a target device and download a run-time image to the target device.

The Platform Builder IDE provides platform settings that enable kernel debugging during the process of building a run-time image. When you enable kernel debugging, Platform Builder includes the debugging stub, KdStub, in the run-time image. For more information about enabling kernel debugging during the build process, see Run-Time Image Build Process.

When enabled, the kernel debugger runs independently as a service under the Core Connectivity infrastructure. The debugger starts automatically for your run-time image, and continues to run until stopped deliberately.

Debugging Setup

Describes the options available to build a variety of run-time images for debugging.

Debugger Execution Control

Describes how to control aspects of run-state program execution, such as the ability to step through function execution, run to a specified location or run until a designated message is encountered.


Provides information about how the kernel debugger handles breakpoints, and provides additional functionality that allows controlling break-state behavior.

Exception Handling

Provides procedures for handling exceptions in the IDE.

Viewing Debug Information in the Debug Windows

Describes how to view debug information such as the values of variables and expressions, function calls, process and thread information, disassembly, system memory and register contents, and compilation symbols.

Debug Messages

Describes how to customize and control the messages that the debugger outputs

Debug Zones

Describes how to customize and control debug zones that filter output messages.

Application Debugging with the Kernel Debugger

Describes how to use the kernel debugger for application debugging.

Just-in-Time Kernel Debugging

Describes how to set up just-in-time (JIT) debugging in Platform Builder.

Post-Mortem Debugging

Describes how to use the kernel debugger with crash dump files and other error reports.

Command-Line Options with Target Control

Describes the debugging and execution functionality available through the Target Control shell.

Build Configurations

Describes the different levels of debugging support provided by different build configurations.

Core Connectivity

Describes the infrastructure that supports debugging, downloading, and kernel transport.

Device Emulator

Describes how to build and configure the Device Emulator, which you can use to test and develop applications.

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