Ethernet Download Service (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Ethernet download service downloads a run-time image over an Ethernet connection by using the Ethernet boot loader for Windows Embedded CE.

This download service requires an Ethernet network card on the development workstation and a debug Ethernet card on the target device. This download service also requires an Ethernet cable. If the development workstation and target device are not using a DHCP-enabled local area network (LAN) connection, this download service also requires an Ethernet hub. Without a DHCP-enabled network, you will need to configure the CEPC boot disk with a private IP address that has the same subnet as your desktop workstation.

The Ethernet boot loader must be available in the board support package (BSP) for your target device in order to use the Ethernet download service.

When you use the Ethernet download service, it is possible to connect both the target device and the development workstation on which Platform Builder is installed to a local area network (LAN). The target device should connect to the LAN by using an Ethernet hub. Then, you can establish connectivity and download a run-time image from the development workstation to the target device over the LAN.

With the Ethernet download service, all applications and tools connect to the target device over a single cable. You can control multiple target devices from a single development workstation.

When you configure the Ethernet download service, select the entry corresponding to the target device to which you want to download a run-time image.

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