Serial Download Service (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The serial download service downloads a run-time image to a target device over a serial port connection by using a serial boot loader for Windows Embedded CE.

If you want to use the serial download service, you must have both a serial cable and a serial port on the target device.

The ability to configure the device-side settings for the serial download service at run time is platform specific. You must have a board support package (BSP) that supports serial download.

Refer to your BSP platform documentation to learn whether the serial download service is supported by your BSP, and, if supported, to obtain information about how to configure the serial port and download a run-time image by using the serial download service.

Some platforms, such as PXA270 VoIP phone, only support one baud setting. Other platforms, such as the HP Compaq t5530 Thin Client, provide a boot loader menu to enable the user to change the default device-side settings.

For more information about serial I/O, see Serial Communications.

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