Remote Tools (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


With remote tools you can use a development workstation to remotely perform a variety of programming tasks on a Windows Embedded CE–based target device.

For information about how to connect a remote tool to an application on a target device, see Remote Tool Connectivity.

After you establish a connection between the remote tool and the target device, you can perform tasks such as the following:

  • Monitor the status of processes and threads on the target device
  • Measure the performance of the target device

You can run one instance of each remote tool at a time. In addition, you cannot run Call Profiler and Kernel Tracker simultaneously. However, many remote tools can display multiple windows.

The toolbar buttons and some menu items in the window for the remote tool become active after you connect to a target device.

OS designs created with Microsoft Platform Builder 3.0 or later support all remote tools except Call Profiler. OS designs created with Platform Builder 4.0 or later support Call Profiler.

Remote tools can be grouped into three categories according to purpose.

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