Updating the Boot Loader Sources File (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Boot loaders should link to OAL_Kitl_Boot.lib or OAL_Kitl_PCI_Boot.lib instead of OAL_Kitl.lib or OAL_Kitl_PCI.lib, respectively. The OAL_Kitl.lib and OAL_Kitl_PCI.lib libraries call into the kernel, which is not valid for use with boot loaders. OAL_Kitl.lib and OAL_Kitl_PCI.lib are intended to be linked into Kitl.dll.

Boot loaders should also link to OAL_BLMemory_x86.lib or OAL_BLMemory_Arm.lib instead of OAL_Memory.lib. For MIPS- and SHx-based hardware platforms, no changes are needed.

The OAL_BLMemory_XXX.lib libraries contain an implementation of the OALPAtoVA family of functions, which are suitable for the boot loader. The versions in OAL_Memory.lib now call into the kernel and can no longer be used in the boot loader. For MIPS- and SHx-based platforms, the OALPAtoVA functions are implemented as macros and linking to a library is not necessary.

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