Makefile File (Compact 2013)


Each subdirectory in a source code tree that includes a sources file also includes a makefile file. The following code example shows a directory structure and the placement of the makefile file.


In an application development environment, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, a makefile file contains all commands, macro definitions, and options that specify how to build a project.

By contrast, in Platform Builder, the sources files contain this type of information; the makefile file contains only a reference to the common makefile file, Makefile.def.

You should not edit the makefile file or alter Makefile.def. When creating your own projects in the OS tree, create a makefile file that simply includes makefile.def or copy an existing makefile file from another project. The following is a sample makefile file.

!include $(_MAKEENVROOT)\makefile.def

Using the linking rules contained in Makefile.def, Nmake.exe compiles the source code specified in the sources files or it links object modules.

Nmake.exe uses Makefile.def to transform the current set of environment variables into calls to a compiler, linker, or other tool.