Microprocessor-specific Issues

Microprocessor-specific Issues (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


With the number of CPUs being supported by Windows Embedded CE and the variations of a simple core, installing a native application onto Windows Embedded CE has become problematic.

Wceload.exe and other installer applications use the dwProcessorType member from the SYSTEM_INFO structure to determine what .cab file to install to the device.

The problem is that dwProcessorType might return a number that has not been documented before the release of Wceload.exe and therefore Wceload.exe does not know what CPU-based .cab file needs to be installed.

To solve this problem, the QueryInstructionSet API examines what instruction set is supported. The kernel knows explicitly what instruction set it can run for a given kernel. This enables a process to query for the level of support and, in the case of a WCELOAD query, to see if the .cab file should be installed.

The following topics detail microprocessor specific considerations:

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