How to Separate the Kernel and OAL and Link KITL to the OAL (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


When migrating your board support package (BSP) to Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Microsoft strongly recommends that you adopt the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP directory structure and remove the Kernel Independent Transport Layer (KITL) from the OEM adaptation layer (OAL) to encapsulate it in a separate DLL. However, this migration scenario is optional.

This how-to topic provides step-by-step instructions for migrating your BSP to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 without changing your directory structure or moving KITL into a separate DLL.

  • You are migrating your BSP from a previous version of Windows Embedded CE to Windows Embedded CE 6.0.
  • Your reference OS is Windows Embedded CE 6.0.
  • You have access and familiarity with Platform Builder and the build process. Platform Builder includes with it all the sources and libraries needed to support BSP migration.
  • You are separating the kernel and the OAL, and then linking KITL to the OAL.
  • You are not adopting the recommended BSP directory structure in Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

Use the following table to track your progress.

Step Topic

1. Create and build Oal.exe and OalKitl.exe.

Creating and Building Oal.exe and OalKitl.exe

2. Implement new KITL entry points in OalKitl.exe.

Implementing KITL Entry Points in OalKitl.exe

3. Implement profiling support in the OAL.

Implementing Profiling Support in the OAL

4. Update the boot loader sources file.

Updating the Boot Loader Sources File

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