dwMainMemoryEndAddress (Compact 2013)


This global variable specifies the next available address following the first available contiguous block of memory.

DWORD dwMainMemoryEndAddress; 


Setting this global variable is optional.

Setting this variable offers you the first chance to adjust memory after booting. This variable extends the RAM section defined in the Config.bib file.

Memory must be physically contiguous with the RAM location from the Config.bib file.

Setting this variable within the OEMInit function enables you to alert the system that extended RAM is available. If you set this variable, you must do so before returning from OEMInit. dwMainMemoryEndAddress should only be touched when extending the contiguous memory range available to the kernel.

You can identify whether extended RAM is available by implementing the OEMGetExtensionDRAM function so the kernel can call this function.


Developer Implemented