Setting up the NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr5500 Development Kit Hardware (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Use the following steps to connect the NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr5500 Development Kit to a development workstation.

  1. On the baseboard, insert the CPU card into connector CN7.

  2. Connect an Ethernet cable to the CN2 network connector on the NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr5500 Development Kit baseboard and to the development workstation or Ethernet hub.

  3. Connect a null modem serial cable between the debug serial port on the baseboard and a free serial port on the development workstation.

    On the baseboard, the debug serial port is on top and the product serial port, COM1, is on the bottom.

  4. Insert the video card in one of the PCI slots on the baseboard.

    Optionally, you may choose to insert the video card later. You will need to remove any installed PCI cards before downloading a boot loader.

  5. Connect the ATX power supply to connector CN6 on the baseboard.

    The CN6 connector is located behind the PS/2 connector on the baseboard.

  6. Press S1 to turn the system on, or press S2 to perform a soft reset of the device.

    S1 and S2 are located on the edge of the baseboard near the LCD display.

    Pressing S1 on the baseboard turns off the ATX power supply, but the +5V standby power is still on. When removing a CPU card or PCI card from the baseboard, turn off the main power switch on the ATX power supply. If the power switch on the ATX power supply is not off when removing a CPU or PCI card, damage to the CPU card, baseboard, or PCI peripherals may occur.

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