BSP Drivers (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


BSP drivers reside in the hardware platform directory; for example, %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\MainstoneIII\Src\Drivers.

To include a BSP driver in your own BSP, clone the driver sources into your own BSP directory.

For example, to include the Intel PXA27x Processor Development Kit (MainstoneIII) serial UART driver in your BSP, and assuming your SDB or hardware platform contained the same UART, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a serial directory under your hardware platform directory (for example, %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\<Hardware Platform Name>\Src\Drivers\Serial) and copy the BSP driver sources from the MainstoneIII directory, %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\MainstoneIII\Src\Drivers\Serial.
  2. Edit the driver's dirs file to include this directory in the build.
    To do this using the example, edit %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\<Hardware Platform Name>\Src\Drivers\dirs and include serial.
  3. Copy the Platform.bib and Platform.reg entries for the serial UART from the MainstoneIII directory, %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\MainstoneIII\Files, to include the driver image in your run-time image.

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