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Publishing to an Azure Cloud Service from Visual Studio

Updated: May 12, 2015

You can publish the following types of projects to an Azure cloud service.

  • Azure cloud service

  • Web application

  • LightSwitch application (desktop or web) or service

This topic is about deploying to cloud services, not to web sites. For information about deploying to web sites, see How to Deploy an Azure Web Site.

You can publish Azure cloud service projects directly to Azure. If you have a web application, you must first migrate it to Azure by using Visual Studio, and then you can publish the application to Azure. If you have a LightSwitch application or service, you can publish it by using the wizard in LightSwitch. For more information, see How to: Publish a LightSwitch Application to Azure.

You can test your Azure cloud service project in the local Azure emulation environment that is provided with the Azure tools. When your cloud service is ready, you can publish it to Azure by using Visual Studio or the Azure Platform Management Portal.

To publish your project from Visual Studio, you need to have the following items.

Use the following topics to help publish your project to Azure from Visual Studio:


Tasks Associated Topics

Migrate your web application for deployment to Azure: If you have a web application, you must migrate your application and then you can publish it to Azure from Visual Studio.

Set up services for your Azure cloud service: After you create your Microsoft account and you have an Azure subscription, sign into the Azure Management portal and create a storage account for your Azure cloud service. Then you can modify your cloud service project to use these storage services.

You must also create a hosted service to use when you publish your cloud service. This hosted service that you create is a container that is used to host your cloud service by running the roles of your Azure cloud service on virtual machines.

Publish your Azure cloud service from Visual Studio: You can publish your Azure cloud service to Azure directly from Visual Studio to either a staging or production environment. To do this, you must provide credentials that Visual Studio can use to authenticate requests to Azure. You can provide credentials by signing in to Azure, or by importing credentials from a subscription file.

When you publish your cloud service project from Visual Studio, a service package is created and this package is used to deploy your cloud service to a hosted service.

View and monitor your published Azure cloud services: You can check the status of your Azure cloud service using the Azure Compute Explorer in Server Explorer. To do this, provide credentials that Visual Studio can use to authenticate requests to Azure.

When your cloud service project is published to Azure, a version of the Windows Server operating system is provisioned to host your cloud service’s roles. The version of the operating system depends on the version of the .NET Framework that your cloud service targets. For more information see Managing Operating System and Framework Versions.

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