CSpStreamFormat (SAPI 5.4)

Speech API 5.4
Microsoft Speech API 5.4


CSpStreamFormat MethodsDescription
CSpStreamFormatThe class constructors.
~CSpStreamFormatThe class destructor.
AssignFormatAssigns (or copies) the instance's current format to a new format (or a new stream).
ClearClears values from an instance.
CopyToCopies the instance's wave format to a new stream.
DeserializeDeserializes a stream and passes back a new stream.
DetachToMakes a copy of the instance's stream and frees (or detaches) the instance's stream.
FormatIdReturns the instance's format ID.
IsEqualCompares a specified stream format and format ID to the instance's format and format ID.
ParamValidateAssignFormatValidates the format ID and wave format and creates the stream.
ParamValidateCopyToValidates the pointers for the format ID and wave format parameters.
SerializeSerializes the stream.
SerializeSizeDetermines the serialized size of the instance's stream.
WaveFormatExPtrReturns the instance's wave format.