Receiving Any SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 Subcommand Request

SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 (section and SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2_SECONDARY (section were introduced in the LAN Manager 1.2 dialect. They provide a second transaction subprotocol, known as the Trans2 subprotocol, which operates primarily on file system metadata. Unlike the SMB Trans subprotocol, the Trans2 subprotocol defines a specific set of subcommands; the Trans2 subcommands are not defined by the object upon which the subcommand operations are being performed.

Trans2 subcommands generally perform metadata operations on file systems (accessed via the TID representing the connection to the share), directories, and files. The Trans2 subcommands are always identified by a function code that is specified in Setup[0] (the first entry in the Setup[] array) in the SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 request.