Application Requests Named Pipe Exchange (Call)

A client executes a call on a named pipe by issuing an SMB_COM_TRANSACTION (section request with the subcommand TRANS_CALL_NMPIPE. The Call operation is similar to the operation performed by TRANS_TRANSACT_NMPIPE, except that the pipe is opened and closed by the Call operation.

The application MUST provide:

  • A Client.TreeConnect indicating the share within which the named pipe resides.

  • The pathname of the named pipe, relative to Client.TreeConnect.ShareName.

  • A valid Client.Session.

  • A buffer containing the data to be written into the pipe.

  • The number of bytes to be written.

  • The maximum number of bytes to read from the pipe.

  • A priority value in the range 0..9; higher values indicate higher priority.

The client MUST construct the TRANS_CALL_NMPIPE request message as specified in section The request MUST be sent to the server as described in section