Per Unique Open

Client.Open: A file or named pipe on the server opened through the established Client.TreeConnect. The following ADM elements are maintained for each open held by a client:

Client.Open.Connection: The SMB connection associated with this open.

Client.Open.FID: The FID associated with the open, as returned by the server in the response to an open or create request.

Client.Open.NamedPipeMessageMode: A Boolean indicating whether the named pipe is in raw or byte mode (FALSE) or in message mode (TRUE). This ADM element is used only for named pipe opens.

Client.Open.OpLock: An element indicating the type of OpLock, if any, that has been granted on this open. This value MUST be one of None, Exclusive, Batch, or Level II.<187>

Client.Open.Session: The SMB session associated with this open.

Client.Open.TreeConnect: The tree connect associated with this open.