This is an original Core Protocol command. This command is deprecated. Implementations SHOULD use SMB_COM_NT_CREATE_ANDX.

This command is used to create and open a new file or open and truncate an existing file to zero length. The FID that is returned can be used in subsequent read, write, lock, unlock, and close messages. This command MUST NOT be used to create directories or named pipes. The request includes the pathname of the file relative to the supplied TID that the client wishes to create. If the command is successful, the server response MUST include a FID. The client MUST supply the FID in subsequent operations on the file. The client MUST have write permission on the file's parent directory in order to create a new file, or write permissions on the file itself in order to truncate the file. The client's access permissions on a newly created file MUST be read/write. Access permissions on truncated files are not modified. The file is opened in read/write/compatibility mode.