This command was introduced in the LAN Manager 1.0 dialect. This command is deprecated. New client implementations SHOULD use the SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 subcommand TRANS2_FIND_FIRST2 (section instead.

SMB_COM_FIND_UNIQUE has nearly the same format as SMB_COM_SEARCH and SMB_COM_FIND, with the exception that the Request Field SMB_Data.ResumeKey in never present. The use of this command, as opposed to SMB_COM_SEARCH or SMB_COM_FIND, indicates to the server that it need not maintain a search context or any other state. The SMB_COM_FIND_UNIQUE command is single-use. No follow-up commands are permitted.

As with the other search commands in this family, the request MAY include wildcard characters. The server MAY return as many matching file names as can fit in a single response. If there are any matching names, the server MUST return at least one matching name. After the SMB_COM_FIND_UNIQUE response has been returned, the search is closed.