SMB_COM_SEEK (0x12)

This is an original Core Protocol command. This command is obsolescent.

SMB_COM_SEEK is used to position a file pointer associated with an open FID within a regular file. SMB_COM_SEEK can also be used to retrieve the current value of the file pointer, which is maintained by the server. The file pointer value returned in the SMB_COM_SEEK response is an unsigned 32-bit value, representing the absolute offset (in bytes) from the start of the file. It is possible to seek beyond the end of the file, but an attempt to seek to a negative offset (a position before the start of the file) sets the offset to zero (0). An offset of zero represents the start of the file.

It is not necessary to use SMB_COM_SEEK to position the file pointer before sending a read or write request. CIFS read and write command requests contain an offset field. Read and write operations also change the value of the file pointer, setting it equal to the requested offset plus the number of bytes read or written.

Since SMB_COM_SEEK is not required in order to set the file pointer before a read or write operation, its utility is fairly limited. It MAY be used to retrieve the current file pointer or, by seeking to the current end-of-file, to retrieve the file size. It is not appropriate for use with very large files (those that are near or above 4 gigabytes in size).