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This is an original Core Protocol command. This command is deprecated. Clients SHOULD use the SMB_COM_WRITE_ANDX command. Support for named pipes and I/O devices was introduced in the LAN Manager 1.0 dialect.

This command is used to write bytes to a regular file. If the client has negotiated a protocol dialect that supports named pipes, mailslots, or directly accessible devices, this command MAY also be used to write to those object. This command MAY also be used to truncate a file to a specified point or to extend a file beyond its current size. The command MUST include a valid TID and FID in the request. This command supports 32-bit offsets only and is inappropriate for files having 64-bit offsets. The client SHOULD use SMB_COM_WRITE_ANDX to write to files requiring a 64-bit file offset.

When FID represents a disk file and the request specifies a byte range (WriteOffsetInBytes) beyond the current end of file, the file MUST be extended. Any bytes between the previous end of file and the requested offset are initialized to 0x00. When a write specifies a length (CountOfBytesToWrite) of 0x0000, the file is truncated (or extended) to the length specified by the offset.

The client MUST have at least write access to the file.

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