Receiving Any Message

Upon receiving any SMB message, the client MUST associate the message received with the correct client process and thread, as identified by the PID and MID values in the Client.Connection.PIDMIDList. If the MID value is the reserved value 0xFFFF ((USHORT)(-1)), the message can be an OpLock break sent by the server. Otherwise, if the PID and MID values of the received message are not found in the Client.Connection.PIDMIDList, the message MUST be discarded.

If an SMB_COM_RAW_READ is in progress and the message is a raw data transfer, the message MUST be handled as described in section

Unless otherwise noted, the client MUST return the status received in the SMB_Header.Status field of a response message to the application that issued the corresponding request.

For the response messages of the following commands, there are no other processing rules required on the client:

A client that has outstanding OpLocks can receive an OpLock Break Notification at any time from the server. This is the only unsolicited message that the server is permitted to send.