Receiving an SMB_COM_SEARCH or SMB_COM_FIND Response

The SMB_COM_SEARCH and SMB_COM_FIND response messages MUST be processed as specified in section

Upon receiving an SMB_COM_SEARCH or SMB_COM_FIND response from the server, the client MUST determine whether the response indicates success or an error. If an error Status is returned, it MUST be passed to the application. Otherwise, the client MUST return the number of entries retrieved, as well as the array of entries.

The application MUST determine whether to issue another request for the next set of entries, if any. If so, the client MUST create a new Client.SearchOpen and store it in Client.Connection.SearchOpenTable. If the command is SMB_COM_FIND, the application MUST determine when to send the SMB_COM_FIND_CLOSE to free the search context.