Upon receipt of a TRANS2_SET_PATH_INFORMATION Request (section, the Trans2 subsystem MUST validate the path specified in the FileName field in the Trans2_Parameters block of the request. FileName is specified relative to the TID supplied in the SMB Header (section FileName MUST be a valid path, and the object identified by FileName MUST exist and MUST be a file or directory. The file or directory does not need to be opened by the client before sending the transaction request; no FID is required.

The set of file attribute information included in the request is determined by the InformationLevel field. Section specifies the formats and descriptions of valid information levels.

The setting of attribute information for the root directory of the share MUST NOT be supported. If the client attempts to set attributes on the root directory of the share, the server MUST return STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED (ERRDOS/ERRnoaccess) and MUST increase Server.Statistics.sts0_permerrors by 1.