When the server receives an SMB_COM_QUERY_INFORMATION_DISK Request (section, it MUST look up the Server.TreeConnect.Share to find the Server.Share.LocalPath. The Server.Share.Type MUST be Disk; otherwise, the server MUST return STATUS_SMB_BAD_TID (ERRSRV/ERRinvtid).

The server MUST determine the following:

  • Blocksize -- The number of bytes in a block.

  • BlocksPerUnit -- The number of blocks in a "unit".

  • TotalUnits -- The total size, in units, of the file system.

  • FreeUnits -- The number of unused units within the file system.


In the event of an error, an error response is returned. Otherwise, the SMB_COM_QUERY_INFORMATION_DISK response is formatted as specified in section The response MUST be sent to the client as specified in section