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Expand All SMB_COM_NT_RENAME (0xA5)

This command was introduced in the NT LAN Manager dialect and is obsolescent.<120>

This command allows a client to create hard links on the remote server, to perform an in-place file rename, and to move a file within its existing path hierarchy.<121> See the InformationLevel field in the request for details. This command does not support wild card characters in the path or the file names. The command manipulates a single file per request. Existing files MUST NOT be overwritten. However, an in-place rename is supported. If the NewFileName field in the request has a zero length, the destination path for the new file MUST be the root directory of the share represented by the TID in the SMB Header (section For in-place renames, the paths to the file MUST be identical or the request MUST fail with an appropriate error code.

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