This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Standard Toolbar

Office 2007

Standard toolbar

Contains buttons that are shortcuts to some commonly used menu items.

You can click a toolbar button once to carry out the action represented by that button. You can select the Show ToolTips option in the General tab of the Options dialog box if you want to display ToolTips for the toolbar buttons.

Toolbar Buttons

Toolbar button   View <host application>

Toggles between the host application and the active Visual Basic document.


Opens a menu so that you can insert one of the following objects to your active project. The icon changes to the last object you added. The default is the form.

Toolbar button — UserForm

Toolbar button — Module

Toolbar button — Class Module

Toolbar button — Procedure

Toolbar button   Save <host document name>

Saves the host document including the project and all of its components — forms and modules.

Toolbar button   Cut

Removes the selected control or text and places it on the Clipboard.

Toolbar button   Copy

Copies the selected control or text onto the Clipboard.

Toolbar button   Paste

Inserts the contents of the Clipboard at the current location.

Toolbar button   Find

Opens the Find dialog box and searches for the specified text in the Find What box.

Toolbar button   Undo <last editing action>

Reverses the last editing action.

Toolbar button   Redo <last editing action>

Restores the last text editing Undo actions if no other actions have occurred since the last Undo.

Toolbar button   Run Sub/UserForm or Run Macro

Runs the current procedure if the cursor is in a procedure, runs the UserForm if a UserForm is currently active, or runs a macro if neither the Code window nor a UserForm is active.

Toolbar button   Break

Stops execution of a program while it's running and switches to break mode.

Toolbar button   Reset <project>

Clears the execution stack module level variables and resets the project.

Toolbar button   Design Mode

Turns design mode off and on.

Toolbar button   Project Explorer

Displays the Project Explorer, which displays a hierarchical list of the currently open projects and their contents.

Toolbar button   Properties Window

Opens the Properties window so you can view the properties of the selected control.

Toolbar button   Object Browser

Displays the Object Browser, which lists the object libraries, the type library, classes, methods, properties, events, and constants you can use in code, as well as the modules and procedures you defined for your project.

Toolbar button   Toolbox

Displays or hides the Toolbox which contains all of the controls and insertable objects (such as a Microsoft Excel Chart) available to your application. This is only available when a UserForm is active.

Toolbar button   Office Assistant

Opens the Office Assistant where you can get help for the command, dialog box, or window that is active.