This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Use the Properties Window

Office 2007

The Properties window lists the design-time properties for selected objects and their current settings. You can change these properties at design time. When you select multiple controls, the Properties window contains a list of the properties common to all the selected controls.

To navigate the Properties window

  1. From the View menu of the Visual Basic Editor, choose Properties window (F4).
  2. Select the object whose properties you want to display. You can either use the mouse to select the object or use the Project Explorer to choose from a list.
  3. Click the Alphabetic tab to display properties in alphabetic order, or click the Categorized tab to display object properties by category.

To change a property's value

  1. Select the property in the left column.
  2. Change the property's value in the right column.

    Ee440574.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
    You can enter a property's value in the right column. For those properties that have a predefined set of values, click the value and then select one from the values displayed in the list box.