Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware Namespace

Provides hardware features for developing embedded device firmware.

Public ClassBatteryProvides methods for querying the state of the device's battery.
Public ClassBattery.ChargerModelContains information describing the battery charger.
Public ClassCpuProvides access to CPU-specific functionality.
Public ClassHardwareProviderProvides access to hardware capability information.
Public ClassI2CDeviceRepresents an instance of the I2C interface for an I2C device.
Public ClassI2CDevice.Configuration Represents a configuration for an I2C interface object.
Public ClassI2CDevice.I2CReadTransactionRepresents an I2C transaction that reads from the addressed device.
Public ClassI2CDevice.I2CTransactionRepresents an I2C transaction.
Public ClassI2CDevice.I2CWriteTransaction Represents an I2C transaction that writes to the addressed device.
Public ClassInputPortRepresents an instance of an input port that can be used to read the value of a GPIO pin.
Public ClassInterruptPortRepresents an interrupt port.
Public ClassLargeBufferAllows you to create a byte array that is larger than the size that is allowed by the managed heap, and enables transferring large data items to and from native code.
Public ClassLargeBufferMarshallerEnables marshalling of LargeBuffer objects to and from native code.
Public ClassNativeEventDispatcherCoordinates the dispatching of hardware events.
Public ClassOutputPortSets the value of a GPIO pin for an instance of the OutputPort class.
Public ClassPort Constitutes the input/output (I/O) port base class for managing General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins, containing the necessary logic to handle read and write requests.
Public ClassPowerEventContains information about a power event.
Public ClassPowerStateEncapsulates the power management functionality of the .NET Micro Framework.
Public ClassSleepEventContains information about a sleep event.
Public ClassSPIRepresents an instance of the Microwire/SPI interface for a Microwire/SPI device.
Public ClassSPI.ConfigurationRepresents the configuration for an SPI interface.
Public ClassSystemInfoProvides information about this system.
Public ClassSystemInfo.SystemIDStores information that is unique to each individual hardware system (device).
Public ClassTristatePort Represents an instance of the TristatePort class.
Public ClassUtility Provides a collection of helper functions you can use to configure settings for security, collections, driver manipulation, time, and idle CPU usage.
Public ClassWatchdogDetermines the watchdog behavior.
Public ClassWatchdogEventThe object that is sent during Watchdog events.
Public ClassWatchdogExceptionAn exception that will be thrown if the watchdog timer fires and the watchdog behavior is set to DebugBreak_Managed.

Public DelegateGPIOInterruptEventHandlerDenotes a delegate that is invoked when an interrupt occurs.
Public DelegateLargeBufferMarshaller.LargeBufferEventHandlerDelegate method for the OnLargeBufferRequest event.
Public DelegateNativeEventHandlerA multicast (combinable) delegate that defines the event handler for a native event.
Public DelegatePowerLevelChangeEventHandler The event handler delegate for the PowerState.OnPowerLevelChange event.
Public DelegateRebootEventHandlerThe event handler delegate for the PowerState.OnRebootEvent.
Public DelegateSleepChangeEventHandler The event handler delegate for the OnSleepChange event.

Public EnumerationButtonValues used to identify the meaning of a button.
Public EnumerationCpu.Pin Indentifies the General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins.
Public EnumerationCpu.PinUsageA list of values used to define the usage of a hardware pin.
Public EnumerationCpu.PinValidInterruptModeValues defining valid interrupt modes for a pin.
Public EnumerationCpu.PinValidResistorModeValues defining valid resistor modes for a pin.
Public EnumerationHardwareEvent Defines named event flags to specify which events cause the system to awake from a sleep state.
Public EnumerationPort.InterruptModeContains the values you use to set the port interrupt mode. There are six port interrupt modes to choose from.
Public EnumerationPort.ResistorModeSpecifies the various port resistor modes.
Public EnumerationPowerEventTypeIndicates what type of power event occurred.
Public EnumerationPowerLevelDefines the names of the default power state levels for a .NET Micro Framework device.
Public EnumerationSleepEventTypeIndicates what type of sleep event occurred.
Public EnumerationSleepLevel Defines the default named sleep levels for the .NET Micro Framework.
Public EnumerationSPI.SPI_moduleContains the values that indicate which SPI bus is used for the transaction.
Public EnumerationWatchdogBehavior Defines named ways that the system can handle watchdog events.

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