Configuration.GenericDescriptor Fields

Public FieldbmRequestTypeStores the host request type.
Public FieldbRequestContains the value of the request.
Public FieldpayloadHolds the data for the request.
Public FieldREQUEST_ClassDefines a class request.
Public FieldREQUEST_DeviceDefines a device request.
Public FieldREQUEST_EndpointDefines an endpoint request.
Public FieldREQUEST_INSpecifies that the direction of the request is from the device to the host.
Public FieldREQUEST_InterfaceDefines an interface request.
Public FieldREQUEST_OtherDefines a miscellaneous or unknown request type.
Public FieldREQUEST_OUTSpecifies that the direction of the request is from the host to the device.
Public FieldREQUEST_StandardDefines a standard request.
Public FieldREQUEST_VendorDefines a vendor request.
Public FieldwIndexHolds a programmer-defined index value.
Public FieldwValueContains the value for the request.

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