Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Controls Namespace

Contains types for creating elements (controls) that enable a user to interact with an application.

Public ClassBorderDraws a border around another user interface element.
Public ClassCanvasDefines an area, or canvas, within which you can explicitly position child elements by using coordinates that are relative to the upper-left corner of the canvas.
Public ClassContentControlConstitutes the base class for all controls that contain a single piece of content. This is not an abstract class.
Public ClassControlConstitutes the base class for all user interface elements.
Public ClassImageDisplays a bitmap image.
Public ClassListBoxImplements a list of selectable items.
Public ClassListBoxItemImplements a selectable item inside a ListBox object.
Public ClassListBoxItemCollectionContains a group of ListBoxItem objects.
Public ClassPanelConstitutes a base class for all panel elements.
Public ClassScrollChangedEventArgsDescribes a change in the scrolling state and contains the required arguments for a ScrollChanged event.
Public ClassScrollViewerDefines the characteristics and functionality of a scrollable area (on a display device) that can contain other visible elements.
Public ClassSelectionChangedEventArgsProvides data for an occurrence of the SelectionChanged event.
Public ClassStackPanelArranges child elements (child objects) in a single line that can be oriented either horizontally or vertically.
Public ClassTextDisplays a block of text.
Public ClassTextFlowProvides members that control how text flows on the display device (screen).
Public ClassTextRunProvides members you can use to create and work with a text run, which is a string of characters that share a single property set.
Public ClassTextRunCollectionProvides methods and properties that enable you to work with groups, or collections, of TextRun objects.

Public EnumerationOrientationSpecifies the layout orientation for controls that manage the layout of other user interface elements.
Public EnumerationScrollingStyleSpecifies how a control, such as a ScrollViewer object, scrolls.

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