procedure EnableRecycleBin()

Informative summary of behavior: The EnableRecycleBin procedure is invoked during inbound replication if the source has the Recycle Bin optional feature enabled but the destination does not. It adds a reference to the object representing the Recycle Bin optional feature to the msDS-EnabledFeature attribute of both the nTDSDSA object of the destination DC and the Cross-Ref-Container container. For more details, see [MS-ADTS] sections,, and

 Asynchronous Processing: Initiate a logical thread of control
  to process the remainder of this request asynchronously
  and then return.
 DSNAME rbObj := select one v from ConfigNC() 
                 where v!objectGuid = 766ddcd8-acd0-445e-f3b9-a7f9b6744f2a
 ConfigNC()!msDS-EnabledFeature := 
      ConfigNC()!msDS-EnabledFeature + {rbObj}
 DSAObj()!msDS-EnabledFeature := 
      DSAObj()!msDS-EnabledFeature + {rbObj}