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IScheduler::AddVirtualProcessors Method

Provides a scheduler with a set of virtual processor roots for its use. Each IVirtualProcessorRoot interface represents the right to execute a single thread that can perform work on behalf of the scheduler.

virtual void AddVirtualProcessors(
   _In_reads_(count) IVirtualProcessorRoot ** ppVirtualProcessorRoots,
   unsigned int count
) =0;


An array of IVirtualProcessorRoot interfaces representing the virtual processor roots being added to the scheduler.


The number of IVirtualProcessorRoot interfaces in the array.

The Resource Manager invokes the AddVirtualProcessor method to grant an initial set of virtual processor roots to a scheduler. It could also invoke the method to add virtual processor roots to the scheduler when it rebalances resources among schedulers.

Header: concrtrm.h

Namespace: concurrency

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