source_link_manager Class

The source_link_manager object manages messaging block network links to ISource blocks.

   class _LinkRegistry
class source_link_manager;


The network link registry.

Public Typedefs




A type that provides a pointer to a const element in a source_link_manager object.


A type that provides a reference to a const element stored in a source_link_manager object for reading and performing const operations.


A type that provides an iterator that can read or modify any element in the source_link_manager object.


The type of link registry being managed by the source_link_manager object.

Public Constructors



source_link_manager::source_link_manager Constructor

Constructs a source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::~source_link_manager Destructor

Destroys the source_link_manager object.

Public Methods



source_link_manager::add Method

Adds a source link to the source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::begin Method

Returns an iterator to the first element in the source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::contains Method

Searches the network_link_registry within this source_link_manager object for a specified block.

source_link_manager::count Method

Counts the number of linked blocks in the source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::reference Method

Acquires a reference on the source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::register_target_block Method

Registers the target block that holds this source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::release Method

Releases the reference on the source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::remove Method

Removes a link from the source_link_manager object.

source_link_manager::set_bound Method

Sets the maximum number of source links that can be added to this source_link_manager object.

Currently, the source blocks are reference counted. This is a wrapper on a network_link_registry object that allows concurrent access to the links and provides the ability to reference the links through callbacks. Message blocks (target_blocks or propagator_blocks) should use this class for their source links.

Header: agents.h

Namespace: Concurrency

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