ISpStreamFormat::GetFormat (SAPI 5.4)

Speech API 5.4
Microsoft Speech API 5.4


ISpStreamFormat::GetFormat passes back the cached format of the stream.

SAPI uses this data to determine how to handle the stream data present in the underlying IStream.

HRESULT GetFormat(
   GUID           *pguidFormatId,
   WAVEFORMATEX  **ppCoMemWaveFormatEx


Address of a pointer to GUID data object that receives the format of the stream being used. This is typically either SPDFID_Text or SPDFID_WaveFormatEx.
Address of a pointer to a WAVEFORMATEX data structure that receives the wave file format information. This is only applicable when the return GUID is SPDFID_WaveFormatEx. The implementer of this interface allocates the memory for the WAVEFORMATEX data structure using CoTaskMemAlloc, but it is the caller's responsibility to call CoTaskMemFree on the returned WAVEFORMATEX pointer.

Return values

S_OKFunction completed successfully.
E_POINTERPointer is locating a memory block that is NULL or either too small or is not writable.
SPERR_UNINITIALIZEDThe object has not been properly initialized.
SPERR_STREAM_CLOSEDThe stream is closed or unavailable.