Configuring Validation Settings

You use the Validation tab of BizTalk 2009 Accelerator for HL7 (BTAHL7) Configuration Explorer (under the high-level Parties tab) to configure validation settings. You can select the following types of validation:

  • Syntax, structure, and schematic validation on body segments, based on the message schema

  • HL7 standard validation on custom data types (DT, TS, TM, and TN)

  • Validation of field delimiters (trailing delimiters are allowed)

Using this tab, you can also set the schema namespace used for the validation on the messages for this party.

The following figure shows the BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer Validation tab.

BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer Validation tab

Use the following procedures to configure validation settings.

  • Click Start, click Programs, click Microsoft BizTalk 2009 Accelerator for HL7, and then click BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer.

  1. In BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer on the Validation tab, do the following:

    Use this To do this

    Validate body segments

    Select this option to perform syntax, structure, and schema validation.

    Validate custom data type

    Select this option to perform HL7 standard validation on DT, TS, TM, and TN custom data types.

    Allow trailing delimiters (separators)

    Select this option to enable trailing field delimiters in message instances.

    Schema Namespace

    Type the schema namespace location. The default value is

  2. Click Save.