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Accessing the Azure Storage Services

Updated: May 12, 2015

The Azure storage services provide persistent, durable storage. All storage services are managed through a storage account, which you can create in Visual Studio, or by using the Azure Platform Management Portal. The storage services include:

  • The Blob service, for storing binary data

  • The Queue service, for reliable, persistent messaging between role instances

  • The Table service, for structured storage that you can query

You can access data in the Azure storage services from your code by using the classes provided in the Azure Managed Library, or by using the Azure Storage Services REST API.

To learn more about Azure storage, see Storage Documentation.

The topics in this section discuss how you can work with the Azure storage services while you are building your Azure application in Visual Studio.

Configuring and Using the Storage Emulator with Visual Studio

Browsing and Managing Storage Resources with Server Explorer

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